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Different Ways To Enjoy Your Favorite Chocolate Candies

A lot of people really enjoy chocolate and other chocolate candies, but do not always want to experience them in the same way. There are plenty of ways to enjoy chocolates. Chocolate can pair nicely with a variety of other foods to create a special enjoyable experience that not everyone has had a chance to try.

Chocolate Platter

Many people enjoy meat and cheese platters, but not everyone knows that cheese also goes really well with chocolate. It can be something to be prepared for a small event, or can just be enjoyed at home. Varieties of milk chocolate can pair very nicely with monterey cheese, habanero cheddar, and blue cheese. Dark chocolate can pair well with alpine cheddar and brie. White chocolate pairs nicely with sharp cheddar, colby, and gouda. Any combination of these chocolates and cheeses would go great for a quick dessert.

Chocolate also pairs really well with fruits, which most people already know. There are a few fruit pairings that are better than others. Milk, dark, and white chocolates all have fruit that they taste a little better with. Milk chocolate tastes best with apples, kiwi, and lychee. Dark chocolate tastes best with dragon fruit, cranberries, honeydew, and pears. White chocolate is best with blueberries, oranges, and peaches.

Trying out some different cheeses and fruits with chocolates is a good way to find a new way to enjoy some favorite chocolate flavors.


S’mores do not always have to use plain chocolate, they can use any chocolate with graham crackers and marshmallows. A graham cereal is also a good substitute for graham crackers to switch it up some more.

Kitchen Sink Desserts

Kitchen sink desserts, or everything but the kitchen sink desserts, add in all sorts of fun candies to cookies or brownies. They are fairly similar to chocolate chips or any other typical add-ins that may be included in a cookie or brownie. These add-ins can spruce up any dessert and make it so much better. Typically the normal recipe can be followed for a chocolate chip cookie and then exchange the chocolate chips for another chocolate of choice, or add it in with the chocolate chips. Brownies can typically hold extra add-ins a little better. Including some extra chocolate pieces into a brownie can make it all the better.

Chocolate can be added into the batter of a cake or as part of the icing between layers. Adding in this extra chocolate is a nice surprise for some who may think it is a plain cake. Some chocolate can also be added into the icing or placed on top as something extra special.

Another way to enjoy chocolate candies would be to add them into a milkshake. A fun dessert milkshake can have a variety of things added in including some delicious chocolates to make it a little more exciting.

There are a variety of ways to enjoy chocolate candies including just eating them regularly. Some chocolates may lose their specialness after eating them too often, so why not try to enjoy them in a different way

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