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Four Ways to Cheer up a Friend

The most crucial part of being a friend to another person is cheering that person up during challenging times. Those times could include post-breakup periods, job loss struggles, family loss, or something else. Your job as a friend is to support that person any way you can. These are some ideas for cheering up someone you care about when that person needs your support:

Take Your Friend Shopping

Shopping is something that many people like to do, especially when they feel down. Something about buying a new piece of jewelry or clothing can turn a frown upside down quickly. Consider picking your friend up for a surprise trip to a popular shopping mall. If you have extra money, you could even chip in to buy that person something special. Your friend will love you for it.

Buy Some Sweets

Many people turn to chocolate and other sweets when one of life's unforeseeable events gets them down. Chocolate is often the perfect recipe for a mental and emotional lift because of its ingredients. Something in homemade chocolates can boost serotonin levels in the brain. That's what causes people who eat it to feel better. It doesn't hurt that it tastes great, too. Consider investing in a box of chocolates to surprise your hurting friend. It's one of the sweetest gifts you could ever give.

Watch a Movie Together

Your friend will need your company and some distractions during this difficult time. Taking that person to a movie is one of the best ways you can give both of those gifts. Do some research to see which movies are playing right now in the theaters. Maybe you'll come across a good comedy. You can pick your friend up during one of the loneliest times of the week and go see a movie to forget your current struggles. Both of you will have the time of your life, and your bestie will always be grateful that you did something special. Be sure to chip in for the popcorn, too.

Spare Some Time for Chat

Another way you can help someone who is hurting is to spend some time talking with that person. Spare one hour of your time and call your friend to listen to him or her vent. Don't interrupt or give advice on what to do. Instead, lend your buddy an ear so that he or she can work out the emotions involved with the loss. Of course, you can give some guidance if the individual asks for it. However, be very careful not to judge the person for anything or specify a right or wrong in the matter. Just let your friend know you're there for support.

Take one or all of these suggestions and try them to see if your friend responds well. The chances are very high that the person will respond positively and cheer up a bit. You might be able to put the spark back in your pal's eyes and a smile on his or her face, too.

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