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Holiday Cheer that Tastes Divine

The holiday season is a festive and cheerful time of the year. We gather with our friends and family to share food and exchange gifts. One of the best gifts to give is homemade chocolates and confections. A tradition that goes back generations.

We all have fond memories of receiving a special piece of chocolate at Christmas. It was a homemade confection made by your grandmother. Or your aunt always gifted you a divine chocolate lollipop. You can continue the tradition by gifting a piece of our homemade holiday chocolate.

Checking it Twice

You have your list and now you are checking it twice. And if you need a few more gifts, consider giving a chocolate gift. Whether it is a niece or a co-worker, Annie’s Sweets has the perfect holiday chocolate gift.

Festive Homemade Lollipops

The Frosty lollipop with its jolly smile will bring joy to the recipient. This lollipop is milk chocolate with a white snowman face, a cute little red nose, and a top hat. The Frosty lollipop weighs one and a quarter ounces.

The adorable reindeer lollipop is perfect if you need a gift for several kids. The reindeer lollipops are available in milk, dark, and white chocolate. Each one weighs one ounce. Also available in milk, dark, and white chocolate is the snowflake lollipop.

Holiday Bark

If you like chocolate, cookies ‘n cream, or peppermint bark, you will find the perfect piece at Annie’s Sweets. A favorite is the Candy Cane Bark. This delicious peppermint crunch is available in white and dark chocolate. You will also find exquisite peppermint and Cookies 'n Cream bark. You can choose from an eight-ounce snowman or snowflake piece of bark.

If you are looking for more chocolate in your bark, check out the Wreath Bark. The festive wreath toffee crunch bark features candy ornaments and a red candy bow. If there is a chocolate enthusiast on your list then the wreath bark is an excellent gift. Another fantastic gift idea is the Gingerbread Boy bark.

Christma Gift Baskets

Annie’s Sweets has a variety of gift baskets. The Small Christmas Basket includes lollipops, a dozen chocolate hearts, and more.

Looking for a gift basket with bark? Then you want the Holiday Gift Basket. It contains bark, pretzels, a lollipop, a candy bar, and more. It is the perfect choice for the ones you love.

Loading Up the Sleigh

Great news - Annie’s Sweets can ship to all fifty states.

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