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What Makes Chocolate A Great Everyday Snack?

When you think about chocolate, a few things come to mind. The sweet decadence of cocoa on your tongue can make anyone's bad day into a good one. Chocolate is mainly given out during Valentine's Day as a symbol of love. However, can chocolate be eaten as a snack for your daily routine?

The Health Benefits of Chocolate

Studies have shown that eating chocolate, mainly dark chocolate, can help in lowering some vital statistics. Chocolate is derived from the cocoa plant that contains the nutrient flavonoid, which has several health benefits:

- Keeps cholesterol from building up in the blood.

- Decreases the risk of blood clots.

- Reduces the immune responses that cause clogged arteries.

The idea is that the more cocoa you have, the higher the amount of flavonoids you have. This means that milk chocolate and white chocolate have lower amounts of cocoa, providing fewer health benefits for your body. The amount of chocolate that experts recommend is eating a maximum of 1.6 ounces of chocolate daily.

What Makes Chocolate A Great Daily Snack?

Now that you know the health benefits of eating chocolate as a snack, how can this delectable treat help you with your daily routine? Since many of us are juggling many tasks, it's important to find simple and satisfying ways to keep ourselves healthy. Let's take a look at how chocolate can improve our daily routine:

1. It can help with weight loss. - Experts state that eating a small piece of dark chocolate before and after your meal limits your appetite. Chocolate triggers the brain that your stomach is full and to limit your food consumption.

2. It improves brain functioning. - When eating chocolate, the compound flavanol found in cocoa improves blood flow to the brain. Studies show that when chocolate is consumed by Alzheimer's patients, the flavanol improves brain functioning for them, but the compound does not prevent the disease.

3. It promotes healthy skin - The compound flavonoid found in the cocoa plant acts as a filter for harmful UV rays, reducing sun damage. Even though it helps with reducing sun damage, you still need to wear sunscreen for UV protection.

4. It can increase your energy. - Dark chocolate can be a useful alternative to having energy drinks, sodas, or coffee, when your energy feels low. One piece of dark chocolate has 43 mg of caffeine per 100 mg.

5. It makes you feel good - Chocolate makes you feel good by containing a chemical, phenylethylamine, that produces a feeling similar to falling in love. When chocolate combines with dopamine, it acts as an antidepressant, promoting good feelings.

Make Chocolate A Part Of Your Daily Routine

After exploring the health benefits of chocolate, it's time to find ways to make it a part of your daily routine. You can find 1.6 ounce chocolate hearts at Annie's Sweets to get your daily fix of dark chocolate. Make chocolate your daily snack today.

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